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What is terracotta clay and How to use them

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In this video we have discussed different type of terracotta clay like natural terracotta clay and air dry terracotta clay.how to store them and how to make it soft etc.

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  1. Honey Goenka

    Very useful video sir. Thanks for it. I have first type of teracotta clay. I bought it many months before, whenever I have to use it I add some water few hours before and it gets soft. Is there any disadvantage of this method? For how long can we store moist clay? Can the baking be done in electric oven? Please reply sir 🙏🏻

    1. Rajs know how

      o not add water directly to terracotta clay.you may end up with cracks while finishing.wrap with plastic bag and soak it in a half tub water.gradually it moistens.charcoal with husk baking is best according to me.

  2. Nithya Krishnan

    Hi Sir, can we use white air dry clay for terrocota jewelry making? It seems to be very soft and not retaining it’s shape. And if I try to do jhumkis and take the clay out of the mould, it’s loosing the shape completely. Do you know what I can do? The clay I have is Crayola white air dry clay.


    Thank you.this video is very useful.Which clay is best for jewelry making sir.. And also we finish the painting process in air hardening clay what is best for shining like varnish or resin

  4. Heena Chaudhary

    Thanks you so much for this great ingo but I have 2 doubts one is if we use terracota air dry clay How many chances that the earrings and design will break after falling ? And second question that does it also have the water absorb capability or not ?

  5. Being Awesome

    Thanks for such useful information.
    I used creations air dry clay for jewellery making and kept it for 24 hrs to dry. Also did not add water.
    Still the pieces breakable. Pls help.

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