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terracotta jewelry making for beginners in tamil

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  1. Monisha G

    Super sister. Thanks a lot. I am new . How can I learn this terracotta jewel making. Is it ok to use air dry clay sis for practicing sis. Can we paint this air clay sister and use it sis.

    1. REVA'S ARTS

      @Nandhini Selvaraj ,air dry clay no need to bake,itself become dry in air,within a day u can paint and use it,but terracotta clay after completion of making,need to dry one r 2 days,then need to bake,then only able to make paint,traditionally jewels are made original terracotta clay only,it will be more strong,but air dry terracotta clay la super glue need to use,and one more it will not more strong,easy to break,for learning u can work with air dry terracotta clay,air dry clay have different types ,when u purchase u should check it is suitable for terracotta r not,it should be written dir dry terracotta clay. thanks for watching sister.

    1. REVA'S ARTS

      If you dont want to bake your jewelry,then you can go for air dry terracotta clay,but air dry terracotta clay la dont expect for strong and longlife,easy to break.original terracotta clay after baking it will become more harder so it will be more strong and waterproof ,that is a difference

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